How to get facebook zynga poker chips $90,000,000 for free???

If you've ever played any of the wildly popular zynga Texas Holdem poker games on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Tagged, or any other social network you've probably also wondered if there is any way to cheat in the game to earn yourself some free facebook zynga Texas Holdem poker chips. There are hundreds of posts in texas holdem threads all across the internet filled with users requesting information about how tocheat in facebook pokerand YouTube is filled with videos that claim to give step by step instructions on how to artificially increase your facebook facebook zynga Texas Holdem poker chips.But are any of these methods reliable or trustworthy? It's hard to tell. I've read about every possible cheat available on the internet that claimed to give you free facebook chips, some have worked for a while, others have been fixed and patched by the game makers. You'll get different answers depending on who you ask.

Here, i want to share my simple method how i get a $ 90,000,000 chips in just 3 days. This is not about hacking tools, chips generator, poker bot or anything like that. This method is totally free, safe and legal.

first step you need a paypal account, if you dont have it or you dont want to use your account just simply sign up for a new account. For this method, just use a personal account.

--you age must upper than 18 at the sign up form

Next, go to awsurvey and just sign up for free is a one of the survey programs that pay for each its members to conduct surveys on a site. 

Then,do all your surveys and you will get $27.00 amount instantly.

To redeem that money you need $75.00, that meant you need more $48.00 to redeem it.If u want to get it fast you need to refer someone to them and for each referrer you will earn $1.25.So just refer your friends until you get that amount 

done, redeem your money via paypal,log in to facebook poker and click get chips&gold tab and pay it via paypal 

 $75.00 = $90,000,000 chips

How i make it in just 3 days???
it just a easy step but need a little effort, what i do next is get a help from my friends, poker buddies and anyone who playing this game. I telling them that i will give $1,000,000 free chips to each one if they help me.But is up to you how much you want give to them or even free.then i just tell them what to do and give my referrer link.That meant i need just only 39 friends.So for that i spend $39,000,000 chips and still have $51,000,000 is still a lot of chips...The best thing about this method is totally free, safe and legal.enjoy

this is my screenshot but sorry,i can't share my profile because of security reason.


what you think about this trick???leave your comment please.....
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